BlinkMap API

The Blink Network is one of the fastest-growing and most robust charging networks available. Blink EV chargers are intuitive, elegant, and easily located through the BlinkMap.

Now you can bring the power of the Blink Network to your users. The BlinkMap API, enables third-party integrators to receive up-to-date information straight from the Blink Network – including Blink-compatible EV charger locations, hours of operation, network status, and more – in a developer-friendly format. By integrating with the Blink Network through our API program, developers can also receive access to our technical documentation and email support.

The BlinkMap API is perfect for anyone who wants to integrate static and dynamic information about Blink-compatible chargers into their product offering. Whether you’re an app developer, a vehicle manufacturer, or involved in telematics or navigation systems, the BlinkMap API is a tool which will enable you to provide Blink installation data to your customers.

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