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Blink HQ EV Charger

Introducing Blink HQ

Freedom, Confidence and $300 Charging Credit

Blink HQ provides an affordable answer to complete EV range confidence. With a Blink HQ Level 2 electric vehicle charging station you can:

The new Blink HQ offers you:
Order Your Blink HQ Home EV Charger - 30-day Money Back Guarantee
  • Faster charging, nearly 4 times quicker than the cord that came with your EV
  • Money savings with the built-in charging delay timer
  • Flexible installation options with an 18 foot cable
  • Enjoy one of the most convenient, compact and simple to use charging stations on the market

With a compact and sleek design and an included hanger bracket for the cable, Blink HQ's small footprint translates to invaluable wall space in the garage. The Blink HQ has features such as:

  • 30 Amp, 220 Volt electric vehicle charging station for a full charge every night
  • Delayed start time options to optimize utility charging rates
  • Indoor or outdoor rating with an 18 foot cable makes it easy to install
  • 1-year limited parts and labor warranty
  • Compatible with most electric vehicles using the SAE J1772 connector
  • $300 bonus credit on the Blink Network to extend your EV's range when you're away from home

The Blink HQ is just $399.99 (MSRP). Plus it comes with $300 of FREE charging* on the Blink Network! Order yours today.

*Your $300 Blink Network credit can be used on any publicly accessible Blink charger, is valid for 12 months from the time of activation and requires an active Blink network account.

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