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Blink Guests

Blink Guests

While Blink Members may be eligible for great benefits, such as discounted charging fees at eligible stations, you don’t have to be a Blink Member to utilize the Blink EV charging stations. Blink provides the ultimate flexibility.

As a Blink Guest, you can easily start an EV charging session directly with the Blink Mobile App or with a Blink Guest Code. All you need is a major credit card.

Blink Guest Codes can be obtained directly:

Once you have a Guest Code*, simply enter the code on the station touchscreen when prompted.

Charging fees for Blink Guests are as low as $0.06 per minute or $0.49 per kWh depending on the state that the charger is in. Please note that time-based charging fees are rounded up to the next 30-second interval and fees are incurred as long as your car is connected to the station to allow for maximum accessibility of Blink chargers.

*Please be advised that in order to create a Blink Guest code, a $1.00 or $5.00 authorization fee will display on the credit card account provided. This is for authorization purposes only. Fees will not actually be charged to your account until you use a station.*
Charge as a blink guest

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All major credit cards accepted