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What is a Blink Code and how do I get one?

With a Blink Code or Blink Guest Code you can use any of our publically available charging stations.

Blink Codes for Guests: Even if you haven’t signed up with Blink, you can purchase a one-time-use Blink Code. Simply visit our secure site: and buy one when you’re ready for a charge.

Blink Codes for Members: If you’ve forgotten your InCard, you can still enjoy low member rates by using a Blink Code at the charging station. With a Blink Code you simply choose the “Not a Member? Charge as a Blink Guest” option on the main screen. Then click the Enter Your Authorization Code and begin charging.

Get a Blink Code via Smart Phone
If you have a smart phone, download the free Blink Mobile app. When you’re away from home you can use the app to locate available charging stations near by, get alerts when your car is charged and generate a Blink Code.  Just make sure you’re logged in with your Blink Account. Your code will be displayed on your phone’s screen and be emailed to you.

Generate a Blink Code Online
You can also create a code, and see any that you have waiting to be used, when you login to your account on the Blink Network. Once you’ve logged in, click on My Membership, then on My Blink Codes. If you generate a new code, it will be emailed to you for use when you’re away from home.

Call Us for a Blink Code
If you’re not able to connect to the Internet, but need a charge, our support team is available at 1.888.998.2546 between 9am and Midnight ET. They can issue a Blink Code from your account and get you charging. 

Please note that you can only have one Blink Code active at a time and that they expire after 72 hours. Your account is not charged until you have used the code.