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Driving Electric 101

A Few Smart Tips for Driving Electric and Using Blink

Driving an electric vehicle is the new norm, but not everyone is aware of some common charging courtesies. Here are a few tools to help you get charged up while educating other drivers along the way: 

Blink Courtesy Notices:

• Not sure what to say to the ICE driver parked in front of an EV charger? Download one of our Blink courtesy notices and you'll be prepared next time.

Blink Quick Start Guides:

 • Charging up for the first time? These will get you started.
• Quick Start Guides show the basic operation of Blink chargers. 

Download the Blink Pedestal and Wall Mount Quick Start Guide or download the Blink DC Fast Charger Quick Start Guide.

Take Advantage of Incentives for EV Drivers

There may be federal, state, and local credits and incentives available for Electric Vehicles. Please visit the U.S. Department of Energy's Alternative Fuel website to learn about local and federal tax incentives currently available.

Not a Blink Member Yet?

The best tip for EV drivers is to have a Blink membership to save on public charging while you're on the go. Join today and we'll waive our membership fee through the end of the year. And don't forget to download the free Blink Mobile app so you always know where to find the nearest charging station.