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Great Minds Don’t All Think Alike

Our Philosophy

The design philosophy underlying every aspect of the Blink Network is simple: Electric Vehicle ownership should be convenient, easy, affordable, and fun.

This means chargers must be easy to use: from how they hang in your garage to how their touch screen interfaces operate. The charging stations should be intelligent and take advantage of modern technological advancements, from the capabilities of the user interface to how they notify you when your charge is complete.

But convenience means more than being easy to use; it also means ensuring that we have a rich charging infrastructure of EV charging stations in place, and allowing them to be easy to find, whether you're in a crowded parking lot on a rainy night or plotting a trip across the country. This is why our Blink Commercial charging stations offer optional beacon lights, allowing them to be seen from any direction. It's also why we've deploying state-of-the-art GPS and location-based tools for your mobile device and Smartphone, which is also accessible via the Blink Network web portal. It means making our electric car chargers inexpensive enough, so that EV owners and commercial property owners can afford to install chargers wherever people go.

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