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Blink. Simply Smarter.

The Blink Difference.

Years ago, we started out under the assumption that a shift from fossil fuels to electric vehicles was inevitable. To us, it was a matter of when, not if. Two decades later, that day has arrived.

While other companies were ignoring the changes going on in the world, debating, or waiting to see what would happen, we were busy designing prototype after prototype, perfecting and patenting dozens of technical innovations. Building upon our twenty years and leadership in the electric vehicle (EV) charging industry, our goal was to launch a brand new EV charger with the refinement, style, and sophistication of a fifth-generation product. That's exactly what Blink is.

Blink chargers are simply smarter. They use sophisticated software to communicate with power companies, meter power, operate efficiently, and save you money on each charge. Benefits of the unique Blink design include connector holster and intuitive docking connectors, and color touch screens. Our commercial chargers are linked to the Blink Network via the Internet, which allows you access advanced options such as starting your EV charging session via the web or on your Smartphone or mobile device. A wealth of information can be accessed via customizable gauges and dashboard that provide you with real time information about your anything related to your electric car and Blink EV charging stations.

You may also opt to become a Blink Member. In addition to enjoying faster and easier charges, Blink Members may receive discounted rates, and enhanced Blink Network capabilities.

Become an Authorized Reseller
Do you have customers interested in Electric Vehicle chargers?  Become an authorized reseller of Blink EV charging equipment and promote your business! Blink EV chargers are suitable for any commercial or public location, and offer a sleek design and unique features. No minimum inventory requirements and shipments sent direct to customers.  Contact our Sales team for more details.

Phone: (888) 998-BLINK (2546)

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